We are MarTec, a technical firm, offering marine consulting and technical services worldwide.

What we offer

Our major services are listed on this page. It will be our pleasure to deal with your inquiries.

Life Boat & Davits inspection

We are certified by well-known makers and accepted by major Class Societies and flag Administration.

Repair Yards

MarTec Ltd represents most of the major repair yards in the Far East, East Europe, Central America, and the West Coast of Africa.

Condition & Pre-purchase Surveys

We are able to inspect and report on the condition of commercial ships all around the world.

Panama R.O. Surveyors & Auditors

MarTec Ltd is worldwide authorized to issue Statutory and FLAG Certificates for all ships flying the flag of PANAMA, SIERRA LEONE, TOGO, BELIZE, etc.

Laid Up & Reactivation Services

MarTec Ltd provides a full package of Laid Up services in Elefsis Shipyard.

New Building Supervision Teams

MarTec Ltd is involved from the concept stage to the delivery of the vessels including contract negotiation and construction management.

Cargo Gear Testing

We are offering Cargo Gear Testing services, for all the Greek ports, since we operate modern and certified load testing equipment.

EEXI Calculation and preparation of EEXI technical file and On-Board Management Manual

The Energy Efficiency eXisting ship Index (EEXI) is a measure introduced by the IMO to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of ships.

Ballast Water Treatment System – 3D Scanning, Engineering Study & Installation

We have supported almost 200 ballast water treatment system retrofit projects.

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements (U.T.M.)

MarTec ltd, engineers provide you inspection of the Hull part of the vessel according to Class Requirements.

Mooring Management Plan – Brake Holding Test

Our engineers provide brake-holding capacity tests on mooring winches at the required intervals and in conjunction with its own testing equipment.

Fuel Oil Sampling Points Identification

MarTec carries out every necessary procedures in order to determine In-use Fuel Oil Sampling Locations and proper Sampling Operation that comply with regulations

Believe in our Team

Safety and quality are of utmost importance in marine engineering.
The nature of marine operations makes it critical to ensure that the
vessels are built and maintained to the highest safety and quality
standards. Vessels operate in a hostile and often unpredictable
environment, and a single mistake or failure in any part of the
vessel’s operation can result in serious injury.
Quality is also crucial in marine engineering because marine vessels
must operate effectively in harsh and demanding conditions, such
as high seas, extreme temperatures, and corrosive environments.
The failure of even a single component or system can result in
significant damage to the vessel and pose a risk to the crew and
MarTec Ltd ensures the highest safety and quality standards in
marine engineering which requires the expertise of skilled
professionals, the use of advanced technologies and materials, and
a commitment to ongoing education and training.

3D Scanning

Specialized in 3D Laser Scanning. The 3D Scans can be utilized to create walk-throughs and also provide high-definition 360-degree by 320-degree photo-realistic panoramic scans and convert that acquired point cloud file to a 3D Model or a 2D Drawing.

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