MarTec Ltd has supported almost 200 ballast water treatment system retrofit projects. We have successfully completed a variety of projects with systems from ERMA FIRST, ALFA LAVAL, OPTIMARIN, HEADWAY, ECOCHLOR, TECHCROSS, SAMSUNG, PANASIA, GREENTECH, and many others.

MarTec Ltd is helping many forward-thinking shipowners address this in various ways. Some are evaluating and selecting systems and determining location and space requirements; some are piloting installations on one of each class of vessels; others are going forward with a phased fleet-wide installation plan. Our process is adaptable and we can engage in supporting owners for basic projects involving 3D scanning and modeling for feasibility studies or engage for full turnkey installations of systems.
Whatever approach is chosen, MarTec Ltd can support any and all phases of the project and lead to the most efficient installation possible.

MarTec Ltd undertakes a detailed feasibility study for the selection of equipment based on the type of vessel/operation requirement which includes a study on the integration and modification in the existing piping system, flow, and electrical power calculations, automation/instrumentation, installation requirements, and a preliminary material take-off for the modification. The feasibility study shall be carried out for different BWT systems that the client intends to shortlist.
The feasibility study includes:
• Equipment Selection and System Integration
• Ballast Pump and Auxiliary pump Flow Calculations
• Electrical Load Analysis and Power System Distribution
• System Valves -Automation and Control System
• Hauling and Installing Equipment
• Preliminary Bill of Material
On-board Survey report and feasibility report with technical clarifications and conclusion
is prepared.

MarTec Ltd is a one-stop solution for Ballast water treatment system installation needs, taking up the full range of engineering services from 3D scanning to Class approval matters to project management during installations. MarTec Ltd works on behalf of the owners/managers in performing the Engineering works – thus ensuring that their interests are given primacy when designing the system layout. The following aspects, important to an owner/manager are given the most consideration:
• Afloat installation
• Difficulties encountered
• Feasibility Analysis
• 3d scanning
• 3d modelling
• Clash check
• Minimum time in dock
• Cost saving
• Project Management
The above aspects will result in significant COST SAVINGS for the owners/managers while undertaking the actual installation.

Ballast Water Management Plan
Preparation and delivery of a new approved Ballast Water Management Plan (BWMP). The BWMP is to be delivered (approved) during installation and commissioning before the vessel leaves the yard. The new treatment system is to be included in the BWMP, including new ballast procedures, reporting procedures, etc.

MarTec Ltd uses an advanced laser 3D Scanner for generating the As Built data. Our 3D the scanner provides our Naval architects and Structural engineers with an efficient tool for rapid, seamless, and precise documentation of the current status of any construction – offshore or onshore, ships, rigs, platforms, terminals, piping systems, and structures of every kind.
Irrespective of whether a particular Ballast water treatment system has been selected, it is imperative to have the vessel’s Engine room area as the probable equipment location to be 3D scanned. This will enable the client to keep this required information ready for quick take-off as soon as a final decision on the installation of the BWTS is taken. MarTec Ltd uses the most advanced fast and accurate 3D scanning equipment. The 3D scanning will be carried out by our team during sailing. Our engineers onboard will identify preferred locations for the installations, trace the present routing of ballast lines, and identify fittings so that we will be in a position to complete the whole engineering tasks
including drawings, schematics, 3D models, and routing drawings.
The scanned 3D data of the complete engine room of the vessel can be retained and saved so that it can be utilized as and when the installation process is about to commence. Our engineers can attend to the vessel at any port and accomplish the task during its sailing.

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