MarTec Ltd is authorized worldwide to issue Statutory and FLAG Certificates for all ships flying the PANAMANIAN, BARBADOS, BELIZE FLAG, etc. Furthermore, is authorized to issue the following IMO Conventions and Codes Certificate. The Regulations applied include the IMO Conventions (SOLAS 1974, International Load Line 1966, MARPOL 1973/78, and International Tonnage 1969), and the relevant IMO Codes.

1. Cargo Ship Safety Construction
2. Cargo Ship Safety Equipment
3. Cargo Ship Safety Radio
4. Passenger Ship Safety
5. Grain Loading Approval
6. Cargo Securing Manual
7. Stability Manual Approval

1. International Air Pollution Prevention
2. International Oil Pollution Prevention
3. International Sewage Pollution Prevention
4. SOPEP Approval

1. International Load Line
2. International Tonnage Measurement

1. International Safety Management
2. International Ship Security
3. Review and Approval of Shipboard Manuals

Our Surveyors/Auditors are authorized to attend worldwide.