As MarTec Ltd keeps up with every regulation regarding the marine industry and in the scope of MARPOL Annex VI, an amendment related to fuel oil sampling and verification procedures for the sulfur content of fuel oil was adopted as Resolution MEPC.324(75), we carry out every necessary procedure in order to determine In-use Fuel Oil Sampling Locations and proper Sampling Operations that comply with regulations should be performed in a manner that ensures the safety of personnel and of the ship.

Scope of the study:
• Identify existing In-Use FO sampling points or determine a new location to comply with Rule (number of consumers and lines).
• Preparation of an updated Fuel Oil piping diagram after an agreement for the position of each sampling point.
• List of materials required for the modification of the line or fitting of the sampling branch and draining arrangements.
• Submission to Class (as applicable) and follow-up for approval

Finally, a booklet will accompany this study which will identify every fuel oil sampling point in drawings and diagrammatic arrangements and will mention procedures and precaution before, during, and after the sampling operation.