MarTec Ltd is involved from the concept stage to the delivery of the vessels including contract negotiation and construction management. Customers include owners from USA, Germany, and Greece who have ordered vessels to be built in shipyards in China. MarTec Ltd is devoted to providing first-class professional service to all its clients.

Our philosophy of project management focuses on safety, environmental protection, operational simplicity, redundancy, and ease of maintenance based on reduced manning. At MarTec, we take a proactive approach to project management. For achieving this goal we have focused on three main areas:

1. A team that is highly qualified, competent, and with long years of hands-on experience

2. High level of open communication not only among different levels of our own staff, but also with the Owners, their technical department, the classification society, the design houses, and the various departments at the shipyard

3. Represent owners by keeping a close eye on their projects and our team members through our branch office in Shanghai / China. An indicative list of countries our projects took place or are under construction:
A. Tuzla / Turkey
B. Vietnam
C. China