The Energy Efficiency eXIsting ship Index (EEXI) is a measure introduced by the IMO to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of ships. The EEXI is a measure related to the technical design of a ship. Ships have to attain EEXI approval once in a lifetime, by the first periodical survey in 2023 at the latest. The required EEXI value is determined by the ship type, the ship’s capacity, and the principle of propulsion and is the maximum acceptable attained EEXI value. The attained EEXI must be calculated for the individual ship, which falls under the regulation. Considering the different scenarios, it is important that you check the applicable scenario for your individual ship.
MarTec Ltd has joined forces to offer an integrated series of services to support compliance with the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI), in the context of the amendments to MARPOL VI that have been adopted during MEPC 76 in June 2021.
The attained EEXI is calculated using the calculation method published in MEPC.333(76) “2021 Guidelines on the Method of calculation of the Attained Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI)”.

Subsequently, the attained EEXI is compared to the required EEXI for the respective ship type and capacity. The required EEXI is calculated using the parameters specified in the 2021 revised MARPOL Annex VI, Regulation 25, as published in IMO Resolution MEPC.328(76). After these calculations, final EEXI Technical File shall be prepared and submitted to the Flag or Recognized Organization for verification.
Our standard services will consist of the following:
• Calculation of current EEXI
• Calculation of required EEXI
• Calculation of suggested Engine Power Limitation (EPL) / Shaft Power Limitation (SHaPoLi), to achieve the required EEXI, considering requirements for minimum propulsion power
• Calculation of suggested new maximum speed, based on the suggested limited MCR
• Calculation of attained EEXI based on onboard EPL / SHaPoLi installation (limited MCR)
• Preparation of EPL / SHaPoLi Onboard Management Manual (OMM)
• Completion of final EEXI Technical File
• Correspondence with the Class for final approval

Additionally, we have the following services upon request :
• Assessment of energy-saving devices:
  – Shaft Generator (PTO)
  – Hull air lubrication system
  – Wind-assisted propulsion (applicable to tanker & bulk carrier vessels)
  – Waste heat recovery
  – Photovoltaic cells
  – Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Technologies (EETs).
• EEXI Improvement options / Calculation of effects of innovative Energy Efficiency Technologies Category (A), (B) & (C) in the context of IMO MEPC. 1/Circ.815.
• Bow, Propeller & Rudder Optimization
• Calculation of Vmax after EPL, at Design, Light ballast & Heavy ballast draughts
• Vessel’s Speed profile Detailed Assessment at EPL Condition, based on (a) the noon report data regarding different loading conditions, and (b) Power – Speed Curves. Quantification of differences in vessel speed and engine power, at different loading conditions.